Best Marketing money can buy!!

3DiMarketing is now serving Ellis county in the city of Waxahachie

3DiMarketing is a relatively new company. Do not let this fool you many years of experience contained in this company, not including the vast network of development Houses used to make sure you have the highest level of service. Our name 3DiMarketing stands for, starting with the 3 “D’s”:

Dedicated: Dedicated to giving the best solution for your budget.
Driven: Traffic Driven to your Website.
Dynamic: Dynamic not a static, fluid experience to your customer.

The “i” in \\3d “i” Marketing// stands for INTERNET, Marketing is exactly what it means marketing. So basically 3DiMarketing= Dedicated Driven Dynamic INTERNET Marketing.

For many years I designed Static sites that were little more than animated brochures. Now with the advent of new scripts and languages, pages have become dynamic in improving your customer’s user experience. Your website can become your best employee, never asks for a raise, never calls in sick. The website works while you sleep, completing orders and all you have to do is open your account to see the results. We have many associates who have been very influential in building the internet. The question not if we could do the project, but do you have the budget. Many people have great ideas, yet don’t realize the amount of work goes into projects even with software that has already done half the work. Here are some terms you should be familiar with if you own or want to own a website.

SEO is a term that means Search Engine Optimization is layman’s terms getting you on the first page of Google. The real ways to rank on Google are not disclosed by Google. They give vague references, many gurus give you false advice. No “S.E.O. expert” can guarantee results because the rules are constantly changing, when a few google algorithm changed the rule of how Google gave ranking the whole internet major ranks were lost revenue dropped very few knew what to do to correct such issues.

Affiliated Marketing, you may not have heard of, this is where online you may refer people to their services as a slight percentage fee or fixed price. On the internet with tracking and coding, it makes it easy to track sales to pay the affiliates. Warning some businesses don’t always honor their word, especially if you’re good at it. Still and another obstacle is you must surpass a certain dollar amount in an allotted amount of time to receive payment. I personally know of one story where the person was in the right place at the right time, as of 6 months later still no compensation. Many companies keep their word, some choose to gamble with their reputation. she landed a 100 unit apartment building the owner made all tenants switch it her electricity plan, Her bonus contract is $200 per person to sign up. a few months is understandable not 6 plus months. The internet holds not secrets, maybe lies, but you can find out if the company has a bad reputation.

Email Marketing has been here since the internet started, some practices that are still not universal. Such as mobile-friendly email, report tracking, targeted A B testing. Full-color email branding. This is all 10-year-old technology that is available to the average consumer.

Many new Marketing tricks and gadgets come out every week. 3DiMarketing is always researching the winners and duds that new to the marketing world. Our customers get the best for their budget, to move them. to the next level.

Remember always do your due diligence, bottom line you are responsible for your own marketing. Hiring the best is your responsibility, many people save nickels and spend dollars to repair the damage.